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About Me

I am Heather Kirkpatrick and welcome to my blog. I live in Connecticut with my husband Jared, and our three kids: Nathan age 6, Hannah age 4, and Ray age 2.

I originally started this blog as a way to share recipes and meal plans with my friends, as well as catalog them for myself for future reference. As my interests grow and change, this blog is morphing with them. Don't be surprised if you find me writing about parenting, fitness, natural healthcare (I am especially passionate about the benefits of essential oils), and my faith.

photography by Brandy Lewis

Comments Policy

I hope you will jump right into the discussion. I look forward to getting to know you better through comments. I reserve the right to delete comments that are offensive or spam, but in general I welcome all comments, even those that disagree with me. Feel free to link to your blog as well, blogging is all about networking and exchanging ideas.

photography by Brandy Lewis


"I added your blog to my business blog AND my facebook fan page cuz I'm loving your blog that much!! Seriously! You have totally become MY COOKING HERO!!:) I usually dread that time of the week when I have to come up with a menu that I can & want to cook, not to mention budget friendly, and I always end up stumped! Your blog has become my "menu planning, grocery listing, cooking under a budget, COOKING AT ALL for dummies" book!! Except I don't feel like such a "dummy" in the kitchen anymore!!! THANKS FOR COMING TO MY RESCUE!!!;P" - Jentrey, Colorado
"Just made some YUMMY Lemon garlic pasta! I got the recipe off of my friends blog...If you are ever wondering what to make for dinner, check out her blog!! Tons of awesome ideas, she takes step by step pics and even has a printable grocery list for each week of meals!!" - Shawnna, Montana
"I found your awesome blog via The Hockey Wife and I love all your recipes and tips. I used this idea for our dinner tonight and it was a HUGE hit with my picky kids. Thanks for sharing it and I look forward to trying more of your recipes!" - JT, Missouri
"Your wife's blog has saved my life!" - Anonymous (as said to my husband)