Thursday, August 30, 2012

Thursday Pictures

It's a bit of busy day today, so I thought I would just share a few pictures with you.

The beautiful flowers my husband brought home for me last night, just because!

picture by Heather Christo
What we had for dinner last night: Roasted Chicken and Figs by Heather Christo

Look who found the stairs!!!

The kids and I made chocolate waffles this morning together.

Then we watched this video while we ate them: The Cat Came Back by The Muppets

I'm off to start the rest of my day: hanging with my kids, prepping for my online class tonight, and typing up part 2 of Ray's Birth Story which I will post tomorrow (you can find part 1 here).

Be sure to enter my giveaway if you haven't already!  

What are you up to today? Any fun Labor Day weekend plans? 


  1. You have to love flowers "Just because" - So sweet!!

  2. I can sure see McKenna in Baby Ray....what a cute boy!!
    So did you like that chicken and figs? I have some figs I need to use up.

    So glad you included that reminder about the class tonight. So much is going on here that I forgot. SO I will go set the timer right now.

    1. We did enjoy the chicken and figs, definitely, it is a great way to use up extra figs! And I love having a chicken carcass to make soup with another day.

  3. That chicken looks delicious. BTW, I FINALLY got aroufn to adding you to my blog roll. Sorry about the wait :) Youa re a good friend!! xoxoxo H

    1. Hanna, I was excited to see my blog on your blog roll! That reminds me I need to update mine as well!