Thursday, August 9, 2012

My doTERRA story

Let's take a break from recipes and talk essential oils. 

I was first introduced to essential oils, in particular doTERRA essential oils, last summer. One of my friends invited me to a class that her sister Jenn was teaching about making homemade cleaners and spa products using common household ingredients (ie vinegar, baking soda, etc) and essential oils. Jenn is very knowledgeable and passionate about essential oils. It was a great class.

By the end of the class I was totally convinced that I needed to have some Lemon oil to try making some of my own cleaners. What do you know, it worked! Not only that, but it was actually kind of fun to clean with a fresh essential oil scent instead of harsh chemicals.

Next, I wanted to try some Lavender and On Guard, doTERRA's protective blend - good for strengthening the immune system. I used Lavender to make bath salts, fabric softener, and applied it topically when someone in my family needed help relaxing.

I started applying the On Guard on my children's feet every night before bed, and I soon noticed that they were not catching nearly as many colds, and when they did get a sniffle it stayed just that - a sniffle. This was amazing considering Nathan usually has one cold after another during cold and flu season.

By now, I was hooked, and my husband was a believer too! He and I had both taken On Guard internally when we had felt like we were getting sick and within hours felt better. (Not all essential oils can be taken internally - click here for more info on safely using essential oils).

So in December of 2012, I did what I should have done months earlier, I paid the $35 enrollment fee that allows you to receive wholesale pricing (a 25% discount). My Christmas present was ordering a beautiful diffuser and several other oils that I had been wanting. They arrived in plenty of time to be used during my labor with my third baby, and were invaluable in helping me to relax and lessening my discomfort during natural childbirth. But that is a story for another day.

Since then, I have been using the oils on a daily basis and have grown to love them even more. From the PastTense blend for headaches and tension, to Wild Orange for flavoring my water and putting me in a better mood, essential oils have enriched my family's life in so many ways. I have decided to be more active in sharing these oils with others because I have seen how they can help with so many things.

If there is a health concern that you have, please drop me a line at I would be happy to send a sample out for you to try.

What are your greatest health concerns?
Do you enjoy learning about natural health alternatives? 


  1. I would be interested in buying one for stomach upset, one for sleep, and one for pain. Do you sell them?

  2. Hi Jill! I guess technically I sell them, but I am not doing it for the money so much as to help people. I will send you some samples of the oils that are best for the symptoms you described for you to try. That way we can figure out what will work best for you before you spend any money on them. I will email you for your address to get those out to you!