Monday, August 20, 2012

Washington, DC

Yesterday we returned home from several days in our nation's capital. We had a wonderful time with Jared's parents Stewart and Kelly, his younger sister Annie, and his older sister Katy, her husband Sean, and their three daughters: Anna, Elizabeth, and Jane. (Aren't those such beautiful, classic names?)

we were a little sad that the reflecting pool was empty

It was so fun to enjoy time with our family while seeing all the amazing sights in Washington DC. The first day we walked around and saw all the monuments. The new monument for Martin Luther King Jr was especially powerful.

The second day we toured the Capitol and visited the National Gallery of Art and the National Museum of Natural History. It was amazing to see where Congress meets and to view the incredible works of art at the museum, but the Museum of Natural History was far and away our kids' favorite of course!

The third day was a little more relaxed, starting with a leisurely breakfast at the hotel.

Then it was on to the National Zoo!

We walked so many miles overall, but our kids were total troopers and only tired and grumpy occasionally! By the end we were all amazed by how much we were able to accomplish with 6 kids, 4 of whom were ages 4 and under!


  1. Wow - you guys had a lot of kids and such a fabulous time! Good for you. We tried to plan a trip with our friends to go to DC last year but it never worked out - I hope we can get there soon.

  2. Family vacations are much needed! Glad you got to go! And one random thought as I was reading this- there are so many names that we share with my family and your husbands family! Kelly is our last name, I have a sister named Annie, my name is Katie, I have a son Sean, Elizabeth is Courtney's middle name and Jane is my middle name and also Whitney's as well. That's pretty crazy!

  3. I see both Stewart and McKenna in Baby you?

  4. Skye - you will love DC, I hope you get to go soon!
    Katie - you're right, that is so funny about the names! Both families have great taste, right? :-)
    Jill - I do, actually! And a little bit of McKenna's brother Matt too. Ray definitely seems to have the most Kirkpatrick genes out of all my kids so far. I love it!