Wednesday, August 29, 2012

New Blog Feature

I am very excited to officially announce my latest blog feature. Some of you may have noticed that I recently added a link at the top of my blog to a new page called "Classes." This page allows me to post information about the weekly classes I teach locally and online about essential oils. I am enjoying the opportunity to share all the wonderful things I have learned about oils and their uses with others.

The topics I will be teaching on in the next month are:

*Nature's Medicine Cabinet - a basic class on reinventing healthcare in the home using essential oils

*Essential Oils in Maternity - empowering women during maternity, labor and delivery, postpartum and well baby care with essential oils

*Homemade Cleaners and Spa Products - learn how to make your own cleaners and spa products that are natural, organic, effective and safe  for even the smallest of users

Click here to see a complete list of class times and topics.

*****For a limited time I will also be offering a free gift to each local class attendee (must pre-register and only offered to first-time class attendees). These are fun informational sessions that last about an hour and are offered free to the public. Call me at (406)690-5690 or email me at to pre-register and reserve your free gift!


  1. I hope you add little reminders on your blog as time goes on so I won't miss any of these online classes.

  2. I will, Jill! Trying to find the balance between helpful and obnoxious! :)