Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Life is Beautiful

Just a short post to thank all of you who entered my giveaway! Congratulations to the winner: Michelle Wong! I will be contacting you shortly to get your address so I can send out your Introduction to Essential Oils Kit.

Here are a few pictures of our life lately:

Nathan and Ray

When Nathan wrote this he was very excited about a birthday party invitation from his friend Brandon. From the top it says: Netflix, play, pretend, books, read, 3, Brandon, invite

Hannah and Ray, she loves to "hold" him, even though he weighs about as much as she does!
Awhile ago I blogged about my resolution to involve my kids more in the kitchen. I have been following through with that decision and we have made waffles, muffins, and cookies together so far. Most recently we made Ultimate Chocolate Chip Cookies together.

It is fun how much more excited the kids are about dinner in general when they help prepare part of the meal.

I am thinking about making this salad for dinner tonight: Chicken and Pears over Arugula.

What are you making for dinner?


  1. Oooh we love arugula here! That salad looks delishhh! I can't wait until Julianna ca help me make dinner like you said, it makes it more fun for them! Right now I set her up with measuring cups and some bowls and she thinks she's helping out - good enough for now! :)

  2. Haha, that's so cute, Skye! I bet she loves it, but before you know it, she'll be trying to stir whatever you're making. :-)

  3. Hannah is looking more and more like you. I really see it in this picture.

    1. Jill, I do think Hannah is looking more like me lately too. When she was little we all thought she looked just like Jared's family.