Thursday, December 16, 2010

An Explanation

Hello, Menu Mama here. Or Mo-om as I'm known to a couple of children living in my house. By the way, am I the only mother out there who encourages her children to continue to call her 'mama' as long as possible? 'Mom' can be so easily turned into "Mo-o-om" (cue whiny voice). Whereas 'Mama' always sounds so sweet and innocent.

Excuse the digression, there's a teeny tiny possibility that I have Adult ADD. Otherwise known as "mommy brain." Otherwise known as "you kids are driving me crazy" syndrome. Just kidding, I've never said that. Just kidding, I have. Just kidding. Sorry, big Kristin Wiig fan.

See? There I go again...

Anyway, I wanted to take this opportunity to point out that, despite the fact that my children appear to be dressed in pajamas in all of the recent pictures I have posted of them, I do indeed get them dressed. Every day, almost. It's not my fault that Hannah dislikes posing when I dress her in pretty clothes.

Exhibit A:

Exhibit B:

One of these days I will get a great picture of the two of them in beautiful clothes, but until then:
Nathan is actually dressed in this one
Making cookies in pajamas

Pajamas and chocolate cake. Don't you wish I was your mom?

Nathan will pose anytime, anywhere
Thanksgiving Turkey pajamas


  1. hahaha Heather, if you hadn't have said anything, I wouldn't have noticed the kids were wearing pj's! Although, I have to admit that Hannah's "I-hate-dressing-up" pictures are kinda hilarious. :)

    And I still have my Mom saved in my phone as "Mama." :)

  2. Very cute family. I'm your newest follower.

  3. Is there a problem with wearing pj's all the time? I've gone to work in my pj's, and I'm pretty sure one of my sisters went to every college class in pj's.

    I still call my mother either Mummy or Mama, unless I'm trying to get her attention at which point it become "MOTHER!"

  4. There is something so precious about Mama...but that only lasted a year or so with my boys. Then they went to Mommy. McKay still calls me that sometimes and it just melts my heart...or maybe it's been a year or so...probably not since he's been married :)

    I could look at pictures of your kids and never get cute they are!

    What is in your back yard? It looks like a prairie. I'm not very educated about Colorado.