Sunday, December 26, 2010

Our Christmas Festivities

How was your holiday? Ours was wonderful.

We had a lovely Christmas Eve dinner of Chicken Alfredo, French Bread and salad next to our tree.

Christmas morning we got up when our kids did (blessedly after 7 AM) and I mixed up some waffle batter while the kids patiently sat on the couch, waiting to dig into their stockings.

After, the stockings, we had a lovely Belgian Waffle breakfast, Jared and I showered and dressed, then we opened gifts.

Nathan was surprisingly adept at getting the packaging open on his new toys, something that his mother has yet to master! Seriously those toys are protected like Fort Knox, yet somehow my 3 year old had no problems.

Hannah would much rather climb on boxes than actually play with her gifts. Of course.

The Spiderman pajamas and snow boots were a big hit. I think they compliment each other well, don't you?

Hannah in her new outfit. So cute I could cry. She even has matching boots and hair pretties. Jared and I chased her around the house for about ten minutes trying to get a good picture, and this was the best we got. The kid is busy!

We had friends over for dinner. They have two boys, each a month younger than our two children, so no one has to be embarrassed when the toddlers won't sit still, or the preschoolers steal each other's toys then have meltdowns, or all the kids would rather talk loudly and play with trains than listen to the Christmas story being read from the Gospel of Luke!

I made a fantastic Cranberry-Lime Salsa Dip for an appetizer.

Dinner was amazing, I promise to post those recipes in the coming week, but for now take a peek at our beautifully set table.

It was the first time we had a chance to use our beautiful china, passed down to me by my Great-Aunt.

I do not have a Christmas tablecloth, so I improvised with some wrapping paper, an idea which I found here. I think it turned out quite pretty, and I didn't have to worry about spills! Just rip it off and throw it away.

I hope your Christmas was as lovely as mine was. I got to spend it with my sweet little family, and it could not have been better!


  1. Hurray! Hurray! wrapped your table! Love it!

    I also enjoyed seeing your eating near the tree tradition. I'm sure Nathan thought that was exciting.

  2. Nathan and Hannah both look SO ADORABLE in their Christmas outfits! I love Nathan's pj's, and he seems to be pretty pleased with them too.

    Can't wait to get your holiday menu, and especially the cranberry lime salsa. That looks sooooo good--and so up my alley! :) And your china is beautiful; I love when family heirlooms can not only get passed down, but also used again and again.

    I'm so glad you guys had a great Christmas, Heather. I hope you can swing back into somewhat of a routine soon!

  3. We missed you guys here but it looks like you had a wonderful Christmas! Nothing beats spending Christmas with kids though and we really missed yours! The salsa looks amazing!!! And you wrapped your table ! I really want to try that. We miss you!!!