Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Top 2 Tuesday

I'm taking a break from cooking for a few minutes to participate in Top 2 Tuesday. Today's topic is games! Here are my choices:

1. Cribbage. I love this game, mostly because it seems to be the only game that I can actually win when playing with my husband! (Somewhere he is reading this and saying, "I KNEW it!")

2. Hand and Foot. I love playing this with my husband's family, even though inevitably one of the siblings gets caught cheating, or maybe that was me.. yep, most likely.

What are your favorite games?


  1. Do you know a game that would work with about 10-12 YW? I have to come up with one or two for tomorrow night. I am very game deficient. Sorry I can't share one here :(

  2. Jill, did Karen, Tyler, and the Mc's ever teach you that name game that Karen blogged about? Because I think that would work well with the YW. Taboo, Pictionary, or Charades are always fun with groups that size.

  3. I don't know ANYONE other than my grandparents from Illinois who know how to play cribbage! It's one of my all-time favorite games, probably because of the sweet memories associated with it.

    As for my other favorite game, it would have to be "telephone pictionary." Hilarity ensues every time this game is played! The method to the madness resembles the title: each person starts out with a word or phrase. They pass those words to the person on their right, and that person has to draw the words the best they can--under a strict time limit! Those pictures get passed to the right again, and that person has to decipher the picture...and on the cycle goes. The best part of the game is to see the digression of each message...and the hilarious interpretations!